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The non-immigrant (temporary visa) visa classification covers a broad range of visas used to enter the United States for work, pleasure, study, medical treatment, business purpose, students, athletic, temporary workers, religious worker, and government officials, etc. Some visas are considered 'dual status'; you may attempt to obtain permanent residency (a green card) while under that classification.

Most non-immigrant visas or temporary visa, however, require you establish the demonstration of non-immigrant intent. This means you should demonstrate that you have a permanent residence in your home country that you have no intention of abandoning. The duration of time you may spend in the US can range from a few days to several years, depending on the visa. In most situations, your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 may accompany you on a derivative visa.

List of Temporary Visas

B-1 Visitor for Business

B-2 Visitor for Pleasure

C-1 General Transit Visa

C-2 Visa (United Nations)

C-3 Foreign Government Transit

D-1 Crew Member

D-2 Crew Member

E-1 Treaty Trader & Family

E-2 Treaty Investor & Family

E-3 Australians in a Specialty Occupation

F-1 Student

F-2 Spouses and Children of F-1 Visa Holders

H-1B Professional Worker

H-1C Registered Nurses

H-2A Temporary Agricultural

H-2B Seasonal Workers or Trainers

H-3 Trainees Coming For On The Job Training

H-4 Spouses and Children of H-1, H-2 or H-3 Visa Holders

I Foreign News Media

J-1 Exchange Visitors

J-2 Spouses and Children of J-1 visa holders

K-1 Fiance / Fiancee of U.S. Citizens

K-2 Children of K-1 Visa Holders

K-3 Spouses of U.S. Citizens

K-4 Children of K-3 Visa Holders

L-1 Blanket Petition

L-1 Intra-Company Transferees

L-2 Spouses and Children of L-1 Visa Holders

Life Act and Amendments

M-1 Vocational / Non-Academic

M-2 Spouses and Children of M-1 Visa Holders

O-1 Persons of Extraordinary Ability in the Arts, Athletics, Business, Education or Science

O-2 Essential Support Personnel of O-1 Visa Holders

O-3 Spouses and Children of O-1 & O-2 Visa Holders

P-1 Athletes, Entertainment Groups and Their Support Personnel

P-2 Artists or Entertainers Under a Reciprocal Exchange Program

P-3 Artists or Entertainers in a Culturally Unique Program

Q-1 International Cultural Exchange

R-1 Members of Religious Organizations

R-2 Spouses and Children of R-1 Visa Holders

TN Free Trade NAFTA Professional

V-1 Spouses of Green Card Holders

V-2 Children of Green Card Holders

V-3 Children of V-1 or V-2 Visa Holders

Visa Waiver Program

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