C-2 Visa

C-2 Visa (United Nations)

Individuals involved in the United Nations may use the C-2 Visa to travel to the UN.


You may petition for the C visas in person or by mail. Please contact the USCIS Branch, US. Embassy or US. Consular office that has jurisdiction over the location of your home.


To apply for a C Visa, you must supply the following documents:

  1. A filled-in visa application Form DS-156. Separate applications for each person are required.
  2. Two recent photographs 1 & 1/2 inches square (37mm x 37mm) of each applicant, with the entire face visible. The picture should be taken before a light background and without head covering.
  3. A passport, valid for travel to the United States for at least six months longer than your intended visit.

You must also prove the following:

  1. You are entering the US. only to pass through in transit.
  2. You have enough funds to reach your proposed destination.
  3. You have a ticket or other means to reach your proposed destination.
  4. You have permission to enter the country of your final destination, if necessary.


22 May 2015
USCIS Publishes Revised Employment Authorization Form
20 May 2015
USCIS Temporarily Suspends Premium Processing for H-1B Extension of Stay Requests