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Han Law Group, one of the country's leading full service immigration law firms, provides free, on-site seminars and workshops on important issues in immigration law for community organizations, student groups (international students), religious organizations, employers and more.  

Each customized seminar or workshop covers:

  • A detailed analysis of the U.S. immigration system, including employment & family visas, residency, citizenship and employer issues.
  • How the immigration system works and how to successfully prepare and process your documents so your case is approved quickly and without complications
  • Tips, strategies and advice
  • Any immigration issue related to the attendees

During the session you'll be able to ask questions and receive answers immediately, along with a written information package specific to your immigration issue.   All seminar attendees will receive a coupon for a free immigration consultation. 

Han Law Group holds seminars and workshops for business owners, general counsel, business attorneys, human resources professionals, recruiters, various university and college campuses, hospitals, unions, employers, churches, temples, local governments and other organizations.

Sponsoring organizations may qualify for a free on-site seminar or workshop by providing a reserved location and confirmation of at least 20 attendees.

To  request more information about hosting an immigration seminar for your organization, please provide the following information:

  • Name of Organization
  • Contact Person
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Telephone

Han Law Group Immigration Attorneys eagerly helps individuals and organizations understand the changing face of immigration law. Whether you are an employee interested in options when there are no more H-1Bs left, or you are a newly settled immigrant and want to bring your relatives to the U.S., you can learn what is required by attending an immigration seminar or workshop by Han Law Group.

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Han Law Group is a full-service Immigration Law firm with extensive experience handling applications for individuals, families and business clients.  


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