PERM Visas

U.S. immigration law provides a process for employers to hire qualified immigrants in positions they cannot fill with U.S. citizens. Formerly known as labor certification, the PERM process enables workers in a wide variety of occupations to apply for green cards. If you are an employer or individual in need of help navigating the PERM/labor certification process, please contact Han Law Group, Immigration Attorneys.

Our immigration attorneys and staff have helped many people of different national origins attain legal permanent residence through the PERM/labor certification process. Anyone in an industry where there is a shortage of American workers may qualify for a PERM immigrant visa — from health care workers to interpreters, craftspeople to accountants.

Helping Employers Complete All PERM Requirements

We know U.S. immigration law and are adept at advising employers on the precise steps needed to complete all PERM/labor certification requirements. Please note this is a much more technical process than that required for EB-1 and EB-2 visas, where presenting the immigrating person's story and qualifications are typically the most important elements.

Working with an experienced immigration attorney can be critical to an employer's success in satisfying PERM/labor certification requirements. We offer very specific counsel on how an employer must:

  • Draft an acceptable job description, with an acceptable job title
  • Define necessary experience and other requirements for a given position
  • Advertise positions appropriately in publications and with state agencies
  • Interview American applicants

We will also handle the complex requirements of online filing to satisfy current PERM/labor certification requirements, striving to ensure the success of your petitions.

Qualified Immigration Counsel for PERM Visa Applicants

Whether you are an employer interested in hiring immigrants through the PERM process or an individual whose employer is willing to sponsor your green card application, we can help. Please contact the caring, multilingual professionals at Han Law Group, Immigration Attorneys to discuss your PERM/labor certification visa needs. We can also assist you in your efforts to obtain a nonimmigrant visa.